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Autumn Garden Clean Up

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How to do an autumn garden clean up. Winter proof your garden with our fab homemaking guide. How to get your garden ready for winter and store away summer items safely.

Autumn gardens are a fantastic place to be. As the seasons shift from summer and move right on through into winter, the garden is just filled with wonderful colours, scents and wildlife.

It’s also the time when you need to start to organise and tidy away the summer furniture and BBQ or grill and start getting the garden and outside of your home ready for the coming winter months.

Tidy the vegetable patch 

The vegetable patch can look really quite straggly and messy by the time autumn comes around.

There’s lots of little tidying and gardening jobs you can do to neaten it up and start to prepare the ground and sew seeds that will spout over winter.

  • Harvest any fruit or vegetables that are ripe and ready.
  • Pack pumpkins onto a bed of straw to stop them rotting on the ground.
  • Clear the dead and straggling plants.
  • Dig in fertiliser to ready the vegetable patch and replenish nutrients.
  • Clean out the cold frames and the greenhouse.

For all the key autumn vegetable garden jobs head over to Allotment & Gardens for a run down on what to harness, what to sew and what to tend to in the vegetable plot during September and October.

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Flower beds and shrubs 

Clearing out and taking care of flower beds and shrubs is a key autumn gardening job and makes the garden look a whole lot tidier too.

  • Clear out dead and straggling summer flowers.
  • Thoroughly weed the flower beds.
  • Fertilise the soil.
  • Prune perennials and shrubs.

You can get a full and in-depth checklist for gardening work in autumn from Gardena here.

Tidy up the lawn

Early autumn is the best time for preparing the lawn for winter, repairing any patches and tending to any lawn care that’s necessary before the temperature drops.

  • Rake up fallen autumn leaves.
  • Mow the lawn
  • Tend to lawn care needs – this autumn lawn care guide from RHS is brilliant. An in-depth guide to identifying and rectifying any lawn issues.

Cleaning pathways & patios 

It’s super important to clean and look after paths and patios during the autumn.

Sweep up any leaves and clean the pathways and patios to rid them of any mossy build up. Moss and leaves can make surfaces super slippy during the damp cold months and this is very hazardous.

boy walking down an autumn leaf strewn pathway between the trees

Make leaf mulch 

Leaf mulch is free and is super easy to make. Leaf mulch makes a fab soil conditioner.

Head over to RHS for the run down on how to make and use your own in your garden.

Store garden furniture away for the winter

If you want your garden furniture to last and to stay looking good then you need to take good care of it.

Autumn is the time when you should wash, thoroughly dry and store your garden furniture away to protect it over winter.

Make sure you treat and care for any wooden furniture before storing.

Cushions and soft covers are best washed, thoroughly dried and stored in the house so they don’t get damp out in the shed or garage and end up with mould or mildew on them.

It’s a good idea to also give the BBQ or Grill a good clean and to store that away for the winter too.

Winter proof your garden

Autumn and winter often bring stormy, wet and windy weather along with icy cold snaps.

Prepare your garden for winter as best you can to reduce any damage.

  • Check garden structures and fences are secure and up to facing wet and wild weather throughout the winter.
  • Store away any loose pots and garden accessories until spring so they don’t get damaged in the cold or wind.
  • Any garden items that need painting or varnishing, get this job done in early autumn whilst the weather is still good.


Blocked gutters can cause issues with damp inside your home.

Clear leaf debris from gutters to prevent leaks and damp over the winter.

The lower gutters I usually manage with just a ladder but the high up gutters I often have to get a handy-person or gutter cleaning firm in to take care of safely. Just do which suits you.

Tidy the shed and garage

Empty and tidy out the shed and garage, store away the summer items and bring items you’ll need easy access too during winter to the front where you can get to them.

natural bird feeder, kabocha squash, RSPB bird feeder, welcoming wildlife to garden

Give wildlife a home 

Autumn is a great time to put into place some wildlife friendly garden features.

It can be as simple as a bug hotel or a place for feeding the birds.

The RSPB have got loads of project ideas for encouraging wildlife to the garden.

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