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Traditional Bonfire Night Food

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Traditional Bonfire Night food ideas that’ll make your bonfire party go with a bang! From bangers and baked potatoes to black peas, parkin and treacle toffee

Up north in Manchester… Bonfire Night was always a huge deal when I was a kid.

Everyone talked about it, kids collected fire wood and made a proper Guy, everyone looked forward to it and the food was always proper stodgy deliciousness.

A total feast of Bonfire Night treats! Cosy comfort food, perfect for a cold November night.

And yes, it was usually eaten in a rainy garden, in the pitch black, waiting for fireworks, stood by a spitting fire….. ahhhhh the memories!

sticky bonfire night sausages served in brioche rolls topped with fried onions, ketchup and mustard. Served on black slate platter with pumpkins in the background

Traditionally in Manchester Bonfire Night meant you’d be eating a total FEAST!

Just the best bonfire night recipes, home cooked and totally delicious!

So if you’re looking for traditional bonfire night food ideas and Bonfire Night Treats you’ve come to exactly the right place!

Consider this your ultimate Bonfire food list! Just the BEST Guy Fawkes Day food! Enjoy every mouthful!

Bonfire Night Food Ideas

Bonfire Night Recipes – Oven Baked Potatoes

oven baked potatoes - sweet potatoes served with soured cream and chillis, plain baked potatoes serve with cheese and fried onions

Traditional firework night food – We always served up proper oven baked potatoes – always slowly cooked, wrapped in foil in the gas oven for hours.

The potato skins would turn dark and crispy and when they were cooked we’d break them open and sprinkle them with salt and then pile in the butter so it melted deliciously into the creamy baked potato flesh.

Proper baked potatoes eaten outside on a cold night is a really good thing!

Sometimes we’d eat them just plain with salt and butter or sometimes we’d pile fillings into them.

Usually Heinz baked beans or Lancashire cheese being the most popular – sometimes both together for a cheesy bean jacket potato.

You could always cook baked potatoes in the air fryer too, for speed!

Baked Potato Filling Ideas – Bonfire Night Treats

Traditional English Bonfire Night food would ALWAYS include baked potatoes – all our favourite fillings are below and they’re all perfect for firework night!

  • BLT Baked Potatoes – crispy bacon bits with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and mayonnaise. This is so good!
  • Spicy Vegetable Chilli – hot and spicy homemade vegetable chilli with cheese or soured cream on top. You might just LOVE our cheap and easy Black Bean Chilli to pile in your oven baked potatoes.
  • Hot Dog Baked Potatoes – use the jacket potato as the bread and create, warming, filling, DELICIOUS baked potato hot dogs!
Image shows several hot dog baked potatoes
  • Cheese and Caramelised Onion Chutney – pile in the grated Cheddar or Lancashire cheese and dollop on the tangy sweet caramelised onion chutney.
  • Sloppy Joes – switch out the traditional soft bread rolls and pile the sloppy joe filling into oven baked potatoes. This makes a great family dinner for autumn.

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Bonfire Night Recipes – Homemade Soup

Bloody Mary Soup

Loads more ideas for family celebrations here!

At our Bonfire Night parties there was always a massive pan of minestrone, pumpkin soup and Bloody Mary Soup for the grown-ups!

Really delicious traditional food eaten on Bonfire Night.

Wondering what food to have on Bonfire Night then soup is always a winner!

Our soup always came ladled into an enamel camping mug with a teaspoon to eat it with. I remember sitting on piles of bricks spooning soup form a tin mug as I watched the bonfire!

Perfect for warming up with on a cold night.

Grab our delicious vegetarian soup recipes here

Food for Bonfire Night – Bonfire Bangers

sticky bonfire bangers - sausages served on brioche rolls with ketchup, mustard and onions. Pumpkins lined up in the background

Traditional Guy Fawkes night food would always mean eating delicious hot dogs made using proper meaty pork sausages and topped with loads of fried onions, tomato ketchup and hot mustard. Bonfire bangers are an essential on the Bonfire food list!

Grab our Bonfire Bangers recipe here. 

You might also just LOVE our Bonfire Night sausage bap with boozy onions!

sausage bap with boozy caramelised onions served as Bonfire Night food

Traditional Bonfire Night Food – Black peas

Wondering what food to make on Bonfire Night? Then try out a proper Lancashire treat!

Nothing says Bonfire Night quite like proper Lancashire style black peas eaten from a cup with loads of vinegar.

If you’re not from up North you’ve probably not tried these before I think they’re a local treat! But they’re always on my bonfire food list.

Grab the Black Peas recipe here. 

Bonfire Night Desserts – S’mores Dip

homemade s'mores dip with strawberries and digestive biscuits for dipping in

Oh a s’mores dip platter is just the most perfect Bonfire Night Desserts idea – you can dip in anything you fancy – breadsticks, apple slices, biscuits or salted pretzels all work really well. There’s no better campfire sweet treat than delicious smores dip topped with fluffy marshmallows. And if you can get a batch of gingerbread men, they’re great for dunking in smores dip!

Bonfire Night Recipes – Homemade Parkin

My grandma used to make the most delicious homemade parkin. She’d bake great big slabs of parkin cake and have it all cut up ready for the bonfire night party.

Mmmm delicious sponge cake flavoured with molasses and ginger, cut into fat squares and wrapped in greaseproof paper. The perfect Bonfire Night treat.

Get the Parkin recipe here.

Traditional Bonfire Night Recipes – Homemade Treacle Toffee

We always used to make up trays of homemade treacle toffee ready for bonfire night – totally delicious and well worth the effort.

Although you might need a few practice runs if it’s your first time making toffee – just to get the consistency and toffee chewiness right!

Treacle toffee should ALWAYS be on your bonfire food list!

Get the Treacle Toffee recipe here. 

Food for Bonfire Night – Homemade Toffee Apples

red toffee apples with wooden sticks

And well… if you’re making treacle toffee you may as well do a tray of homemade toffee apples too – messy and delicious!

Toffee apples are one of the BEST Bonfire Night desserts.

We used to make toffee apples for our Halloween parties that we used to have in the cellars at home and then we’d make them again for Bonfire Night.

Grab the Toffee Apple recipe here. 


But… if that’s not enough to get your mouth watering then we’ve got more delicious bonfire night recipes right here.

Bonfire Night Baking Recipes

It wouldn’t be Bonfire Night without a few mouthwateringly good Bonfire Night baking treats!

  • Parkin Cupcakes with Toffee Buttercream and Popping Candy – these Bonfire Night cupcakes are an absolute delight! So pretty and oh so tasty – the perfect accompaniment to all that savoury food.
  • Toffee Apple Loaf Cake – the perfect autumnal Bonfire Night bake. This delicious apple loaf cake is topped with a dreamy toffee buttercream, oh you’ll want to make this again and again!
  • Yorkshire Parkin – Bonfire night would not be complete without a slice of Parkin. This sticky oat ginger cake is just completely delicious and takes me right back to my childhood.
bowlful of homemade toffee apple crumble with ice-cream

More food ideas for Bonfire Night

Wondering what food to do for Bonfire Night? Check out this collection of Bonfire Night treats

mini baked potatoes stuffed with soured cream dip and topped with bacon sprinkles served on a tray with autumn leaves and pumpkins surrounding
  • Crackling bonfire cupcakes

Save our delicious Bonfire Night food ideas to Pinterest for later and really make your Bonfire Night go with a BANG!

four images of bonfire night food - homemade red toffee apples on wooden sticks, homemade pumpkin soup, homemade hotdogs with onions, ketchup and mustard, baked potatoes stuffed with cheese, soured cream and chillies. Text "bonfire night food ideas - super tasty bonfire night recipes"

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