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Turning up the heat with Old El Paso

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I make no secret of just how much I love Mexican food. It’s the one thing I can be sure of the whole family eating with no complaints.

However, sometimes I just don’t have the time (or the inclination) to cook from scratch, that’s just life.

These fab dinner kits from Old El Paso are something I’m more than happy to use. 

Old El Paso sent over a selection of kits and packs for me to try out on the family. So I cooked, I tweaked the recipe suggestions – that’s the beauty of these kits – they give a ‘traditional’ list of ingredients, they also give an alternative list, ways to reduce the spiciness, include more veggies or just a different variation altogether.

The packs make it easy to just think to yourself “oh, I have such and such, I’ll pop that in too”. 

old el paso taco dinner kit, easy family food

Another thing I love about the Old El Paso range is just how pretty and appetising it looks once it’s cooked! The Old El Paso range all make quick meal ideas perfect for families. 

Old el paso dinner kit review, easy family food
Old El Paso dinner kits

So here’s what we thought of each meal:

Original Beef Tacos
This is a kit we’ve bought before on many occasions and a huge favourite at our house. The thing I most love about this meal is the way it’s served so the kids help themselves to what they fancy in their taco and it’s easy to include different salad items for sprinkling on top. We loved these with a big squirt of the Old El Paso sweetcorn relish. It’s a very social, happy type of meal. We like!

One Pan Rice Meal – Chilli & Garlic
This is a new product and one we hadn’t tried before – I cooked it the suggested way by adding chicken breast, peppers and onions. The kids loved it. This would also have been really nice done as a vegetarian meal with added kidney beans or black beans and sweetcorn instead of the chicken. This was nice served with a big green salad and a little dollop of sour cream this is one meal we’ll be eating again. 

Warming Paprika & Herb Casserole 
The casserole was delicious! Think of it more as a chicken chilli, it was quite spicy – more so than what I’d anticipated but we like spicy so it was all good. I think if your children aren’t good with hot & spicy food you may want to just add less of the spice mix. Again an easy meal to add more veggies too maybe some peppers or chopped courgettes. And I can’t help but sprinkle Monterey Jack cheese on mine just before I eat. Another meal I would make again – a good one for simmering away in the slow cooker for a really easy midweek dinner. 

Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajitas
A really lovely smoky Mexican flavour to these fajitas – the smell when cooking is just mouthwatering. Chicken fajitas are a big big favourite with the kids and a meal that is cooked frequently here. You could easily make these vegetarian if you wished – add some kidney beans, maybe some refried beans and it would still be equally delicious. On this occasion I used some of the fajita spice mix to add to some plain boiled rice as it cooked to bulk out the meal a little more – the rice came out well with a lovely smoky flavour and I simply stirred through some veggies – this is a sneaky way of getting our youngest to eat veggies – he eats anything stirred into rice! 

One Pan Rice Meal – Extra Mild, Super Tasty
This again was a meal I hadn’t tried before and another that was really tasty. It’s a lovely mild dish – an almost creamy taste to the rice – all that needs adding is chicken, pepper, onion and a tin of corn. I served this with a pack of fajitas and we ate it wrapped in fajitas with loads of salad and guacamole. This is another meal I’d make again. 

Fiery Jalapeño & Tomato Casserole
Another new meal which I hadn’t cooked before – really easy to make, really easy to add in any extras – I think when I make this meal again I would probably use kidney beans instead of the suggested sweetcorn as I prefer beans to corn. A great simple to make low fuss meal packed with veggies. This is nicest served with plain boiled rice (and yes a little bit of grated cheese or sour cream)

ham and pepper quesadillas served with Old El Paso relish

And in addition to the meals above we tested out the ready made guacamole and zesty jalapeño relish – I won’t pretend they taste as good as freshly made – but they are nice and they are ultra convenient and obviously cheaper than freshly made. They made a great addition to our ham & pepper quesadillas – perfect for dipping!

For a recipe ideas and Mexican food information head over to the Old El Paso website

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