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Ultimate guide to using up your leftover food

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Reduce your food waste with our ultimate guide to using up your leftover food. Firstly look at why you’ve got left over food…

  • Stop buying too much – don’t fall for the BOGOF deals unless you know you’ll definitely be able to use it up rather than throw it. Be realistic about portion sizes and don’t over ‘cater’. Maybe look at changing the way you shop from a weekly big shop to several smaller shops throughout the week to stop food going bad and being thrown out.
  • Meal plan – if you know you don’t do spontaneous cooking very well, then meal plan instead and put thought into what ingredients you’ll be buying and whether there’ll be any bits and pieces left over from one recipe to put into the next.
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And if you do end up with leftover food then… learn to love your leftovers! Here’s our top tips on what to make with those most common leftover foods.

Leftover roast chicken recipes

We’ve got 10 delicious recipes that use up leftover roast chicken from pie and pasta to fajitas and pizza. Grab the leftover roast chicken recipes here.

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Leftover roast beef/pork/lamb recipes

We’ve got 10 delicious recipes that use up leftover roast meat too. From soups and pasties to fajitas and sandwiches.  Grab the leftover roast meat recipes here.

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Leftover stew, casserole or curry recipes

Yes… we’ve got 10 ways to use up leftover stew, casserole and curry too. From making more of what you’ve already got to turning it into something new like savoury rice or pasta bake.  Grab the leftover stew, casserole and curry recipes here.

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Leftover Ham – get all our leftover ham recipes here

Leftover cooked vegetables

  • bubble & squeak, add mashed potato too them if needed and top with a poached egg.
  • spaghetti bolognese, fry mince, add tinned tomatoes, leftover cooked veggies, herbs and serve with pasta.
  • put them in an omelette with grated cheese, serve with crusty bread.

Leftover bags of salad leaves 

  • chop them finely and stir into soup, stir fry or pasta.
  • serve a salad with meals you wouldn’t usually. Add a zingy salad alongside a curry or potato bake.indian salad recipe, how to make spicy salad, salad for with curry, easy family food from daisies and pie

Leftover cucumber

  • turn into minty raita, just stir shredded into yogurt and add mint leaves, serve with curry or any rice recipe.

Leftover tomatoes

  • Dice and throw into absolutely whatever you’re making – stew, curry, soup, pasta sauce, omelette, egg & chips, just throw them in.

Leftover peppers, courgettes, aubergine

  • Roast and use in pasta sauce or rice dishes.
  • Roast and stir into couscous with feta cheese and toasted nuts for a quick dinner.
  • Quickly fry, add some chicken/beans/cheese and wrap in a soft flour tortilla.
  • Add to soup.

Leftover root veggies

  • Carrots (and squash) can be grated and turned into cake.
  • Roast any root veggies and eat as a side dish to whatever you’re making for dinner.
  • You can even top hot dogs with maple roast roots for a quick dinner.Gourmet hot dogs with maple marinated roast root vegetables, gourmet hot dog recipe, easy family food from Daisies and Pie
  • Turn them into soup – we love the bottom of the fridge soup for using up leftovers.bottom of the fridge soup recipe, easy vegetable soup made with leftovers from the fridge, easy family food from Daisies and Pie
  • Boil and mash with potatoes as super nutritious mash – serve with stew, sausages, fish or roast meat.

Leftover potatoes – raw

Leftover potatoes – cooked

bubble and squeak, how to make bubble and squeak, recipe for bubble and squeak, things to make with left over mash potato, things to make with leftover cabbage, quick midweek meal, things to make with eggs, daisies and pie
deliciously crispy fried bubble & squeak patties
  • Roast or boiled – add to omelettes
  • Chips… there’s no such thing as leftover chips!
  • Leftover apples, pears, plums

    • Make a simple Compote and serve with yogurtcinnamon plum compote recipe, plum compote, how to make compote, things to make with plums, easy family food from daisies and pie
    • Fry in butter & cinnamon and add to porridge.
    • Fruit crumble – make a compote and top with simple crumble topping.

    Leftover citrus fruits

    • Juice them!

    Leftover bananas

    • Bake banana loaf – perfect with a cup of tea or after school snack.banana loaf recipe, easy banana cake, how to make banana cake, easy family food from daisies and pie

    Leftover cheese

    • Make toasted cheese sandwiches and serve with soup for a quick midweek dinner.
    • Use to top pasta bakes.
    • Add to omelettes
    • Use to top baked potatoes

    Leftover eggs

    • make omelettes – we love proper Spanish tortilla style for a simple midweek meal.Spanish omelette recipe, how to make Spanish omelette, easy family food, easy weeknight meals, easy family food from daisies and pie
    • fried rice – fry cooked rice in oil with eggs, chopped onion and a handful of peas – throw in leftover meat to or some chopped bacon and make a proper meal of it.
    • dip bread into raw eggs and fry for delicious eggy bread.

    Leftover bread

    • Turn into treacle tart
    • Whizz up into breadcrumbs and use to mix in with homemade burgers, meatballs or coatings for fish/chicken.
    • Fry up with chilli and anchovies and use to sprinkle onto pasta dishes for extra crunch.
    • Turn into croutons and serve in soup.

    And finally… If there’s any foods you’d like us to add to our leftover guide just  tweet us and let us know

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