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Ways to make ironing easier

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Ways to make ironing easier, housework tips

Use our tips and tricks to make ironing easier.
Tip 1 – only iron what actually needs ironing

If you remove your laundry from the washing machine as soon as it’s finished and either hang it out to dry or put it in the dryer, it reduces the number of creases, making ironing faster. And if it doesn’t need ironing, then don’t iron it! Underwear, socks and towels never need ironing, so save yourself the time and effort and just put them away.

Tip 2 – fold straight from the dryer

Lot’s of clothes can be folded or hung on coat hangers straight from the dryer and won’t need ironing at all. Usually kids t-shirts and school uniform are fine just folded and put away without going anywhere near the iron. But, you have to do it as soon as the dryer stops, otherwise it’ll get creased. Grab our clothes folding guide here.

Tip 3 – get a good iron and good ironing board

I use the Philips PerfectCare iron because it saves me loads of time, you can use it on any material without having to change the temperature setting or wait for the iron to heat up/cool down. So I just switch it on and I can iron all of the clothes with no waiting or worrying about temperature settings

You also need a good ironing board, one you can set to the exact height you want it, covered in a nice padded, tight fitting ironing board cover to make ironing smoother and quicker.

Tip 4 – have everything you need to hand

Get your jug filled with top up water, starch spay, scented spritz or anything else you use when ironing close to hand, so you don’t have to keep walking around fetching things.

Tip 5 – take your mind off it

Do the ironing in front of your favourite TV show or put on some music. It’ll all help you speed through the pile.

Tip 6 – don’t let it mount up

I find it way better to do 15 minutes of ironing everyday rather than spend a weekend morning ploughing through a mountain of ironing.

And if all this doesn’t make life easier… pay for an ironing service and put your feet up!

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