Reviving Your Lounge

How to deep clean the living room and reclaim your cosy space

Deep Clean Your Space

It’s time for a deep clean, where you roll up your sleeves and tackle every inch of your space. We’re talking about decluttering everything – from cupboards and shelves to windows, window sills, and even ceiling fans.  Nothing escapes this cleaning frenzy! Get ready to really enjoy the satisfaction of doing a deep clean that leaves no surface untouched.

Before You Start

Open those windows wide to let in some fresh air and invigorate your space. And hey, don't forget to crank up your favorite tunes to make the whole cleaning experience a whole lot more enjoyable

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Choose cleaning products that make you feel good about cleaning your space. Grab eco-cleaning products where possible, get your vacuum cleaner, mop, cloths and get ready to start!

Declutter Your Space

Let's start by tackling the clutter in your lounge, because nothing feels better than an organized space. Sort through your belongings and decide what you want to keep  and what can be tossed or donated.

Clean & Freshen

Clean all the furniture and surfaces in your living room, from top to bottom. Freshen upholstery, polish wood, wipe over surfaces, clean windows. And leave your space fresh, and smelling good.

Flooring  Bliss

Whether you've got carpets, hardwood, or tiles, each surface needs a little love. Grab your trusty vacuum cleaner and give those carpets a thorough clean, focusing on high-traffic areas.

Finishing Touches

We saved the best until last! Once your living space is clean, decluttered and fresh. It's time to add the finishing touches. Candles, houseplants and check the furniture layout suits you.

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