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Weekly housework checklist

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Want a clean and tidy house? Grab our weekly housework checklist here now and totally keep on top of the cleaning – making your house clean, fresh and a great place to be.

Weekly Housework Checklist

These are the weekly housework chores that help me keep on top of cleaning and running a family home and hectic family life!

These are the weekly cleaning chores that my house usually needs. But I use it more of a guide, so if something doesn’t need doing, then I skip it until the next time. It’s definitely not a rigid routine.

My top tips for working out a weekly housework routine.

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  • Work out how much time you have to spend on housework each week.
  • Get other members of the household to help out and delegate little tasks to the kids.
  • Keeping a good level of general organisation and tidiness means cleaning takes much less time.
  • Divide it into manageable chunks – for me a little everyday and spreading the housework throughout the week works.
  • Work out which housework chores you think you only need to do every other week rather than every week.
  • Use cheats to help you if you need to – it’s often easier to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom using disposable antibacterial wipes which means the job’s done in literally minutes.
  • It’s worth remembering that if you stick to a good housework routine within a few weeks all the jobs on the weekly housework list are taking less and less time.
  • Also keep in mind that although this looks a lot of work realistically it only takes a few minutes for example when you’re vacuuming to quickly vacuum a window vent or suck dust off a light shade.

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Weekly Housework Chores

printable weekly housework checklist broken down room by room

Bedroom weekly cleaning chores

clean bedroom with fresh flowers on the bedside tables

All the bedroom cleaning chores which I do weekly to keep the bedroom feeling fresh and clean.

  • Strip beds & wash all bedding
  • Clean all surfaces & dust any ornaments/pictures
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust light shades
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Vacuum window vents
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum floors
  • Make beds with fresh clean bedding

Bathroom weekly cleaning chores 

shower head being used to clean the bath - hand in green rubber glove under the shower head

As well as doing a quick bathroom clean daily, once a week I deep clean the bathroom and do all the cleaning chores below.

  • Put towels and bathmats into the wash
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the sink, bath and shower
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Wipe down the tiles
  • Dust light shades
  • Vacuum window vents
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop floor
  • Put out fresh towels & bathmat

Stairs & Landing weekly housework cleaning chores

  • Dust any pictures/ornaments
  • Dust/Wipe the spindles & banisters
  • Dust light shades
  • Vacuum the skirting boards
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Vacuum the stairs

Kitchen weekly cleaning chores

dining area - with dark midnight blue painted walls - bright yellow smeg fridge, white rectangle dining table with green plastic chairs and bright yellow metal chair. Two picture rows on the wall with images of steve jobs, kids at the beach and media city scape

I am quite strict about having a clean kitchen. As well as cleaning up as I go, I do a quick clean daily of the sink, work tops, hob etc and then a deep clean weekly.

  • Wipe down work surfaces and cupboard/drawer fronts
  • Clean the kitchen windowsill
  • Clean the hob and hood and wipe down the oven.
  • Empty the toaster tray and clean the toaster
  • Clean microwave inside & out
  • Clean bread bin inside & out
  • Wipe down and clean any small appliances stored on kitchen work surfaces
  • Scrub kitchen sink
  • Wipe down large appliances – dishwasher, washing machine, fridge and tumble-drier.
  • Clean kitchen table and chairs
  • Wipe down kitchen bin.
  • Vacuum light shades

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  • Vacuum window vents
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop floor.

Living Room weekly cleaning chores

Again, I do a quick clean daily of the living room and then a deeper clean once a week where I clean everything.

  • Wash & return any cushion covers or throws that can go in the washing machine
  • Dust all surfaces, pictures and ornaments
  • Dust lamps and light shades
  • Clean tables.
  • Recycle unwanted magazines and newspapers
  • Vacuum sofa and under any removable sofa cushions
  • Vacuum window vents
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum underneath sofa
  • Vacuum floor and rugs.

Downstairs Toilet weekly cleaning chores

As with the bathroom, the downstairs toilet gets cleaned daily and then a deeper clean once a week.

  • Put towels into the wash.
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the sink
  • Wipe down the tiles
  • Dust light shades
  • Vacuum window vents
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop floor
  • Put out fresh towels

Hallway weekly cleaning chores

small hallway painted dark blue with gothic style mirror, picture shelves and radiator cover with bronze pineapple ornament and vase of gypsy grass and pink carnations - tote bags hung low down for storage.
  • Dust all surfaces, pictures and ornaments
  • Dust light shades
  • Vacuum skirting boards
  • Vacuum floor
  • Mop floor

Other weekly housework chores

These are the other chores I fit in to my schedule.

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  • Check food stocks
  • Check household stocks
  • Menu plan
  • Write shopping lists/order shopping
  • Laundry

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You can get more printable housework checklists here