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Weekly Meal Plan – 18th March 2019

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weekly meal plan - Monday - nasi goreng, Tuesday - Thai red chicken curry, Wednesday - sausage sandwiches, Thursday - chilli chicken nachos, Friday - easy pasta pesto, Saturday - smoky beef burritos, Sunday - chicken casserole

A weekly family meal plan filled with easy to make dinner recipes that you’ll just love!

Monday – Nasi Goreng

We just love this – spicy fried rice with shredded veggies topped with omelette strips or a fried egg and drizzle of hot chilli sauce.

Easy and quick – great for meat free Monday.

Tuesday – Thai Red Chicken Curry

A simple curry packed with chicken, butternut squash and green beans – served with boiled rice and lime wedges. 

Wednesday – Posh Sausage Sandwiches 

I’m doing toasted sourdough topped with rocket and spiced tomato relish, slide on the grilled chipolatas, add a drizzle of mustard mayo and scatter over Parmesan shavings and crispy fried onions.

I might add a side of sweet potato fries. 

Thursday – Chilli Chicken Nachos 

I’ll be loading homemade chicken chilli onto nachos with loads of cheese and serving with homemade tomato salsa and guacamole. Grab the recipes below. 

green pepper salsa, how to use up glut of peppers, oast pepper salsa, mexican pepper salsa, mexican dip, veggie dip, easy family food from daisies and pie
white plate with pile of homemade guacamole alongside some lime halves

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Friday – Smoky Beef Burritos 

This is a good recipe for making ahead and reheating – you can even pre-prepare all the toppings in little bowls too and any leftover guacamole or salsa from yesterday also work well with these burritos.

Grab the smoky beef burrito recipe here. 

beef mince burritos, quick family dinner recipe, quick burrito recipe, easy family food from daisies and pie

Saturday – Easy Pesto Pasta 

A great recipe for a busy weekend night – so simple and quick to make.

If you like you could add a salad or veggies and a side of garlic bread to go with it.

Get the Easy Pesto Pasta recipe here. 

white wooden table with two bowls of pasta pesto using fusilli pasta, homemade pesto, spinach, black olives and baby plum tomatoes - two vintage silver forks by the bowls.

Sunday – Chicken Casserole 

Sometimes Sunday needs a lazy chicken casserole – I’ll probably just throw chicken, veggies, herbs and wine into a pan and put it in the oven to do it’s thing.

I’ll serve with rosemary roast potatoes and green veggies. 

PS…. if you’re new to meal planning then check out our Meal Planning 101 it’s packed with tips and ideas to get you started. 


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herby omelette with green salad - blueberries and yogurt in a bowl alongside
Herby omelette
fresh white bloomer bread topped with rocket, chipolatas, parmesan shavings, tomato chilli jam and crispy fried onions.
The best sausage sandwich
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