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What to pack for a camping trip with children

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This is the list of everything I pack for a weekend camping with children. 

I know some people just hop on a train with a little tent and a rucksack. I will NEVER be that person. If you camp with me you can rest assured, we’ve got it covered. 

Here’s what goes in…. (I’ll put it into categories, because I like that kind of thing)


  • washing up bowl
  • cooker
  • camping gas
  • stove top espresso maker
  • set of camping pans
  • sporks
  • bread knife & veg knife
  • cooking utensils – spoon, spatula
  • camping plates, dishes, cups
  • whistling kettle which is also a teapot
  • chopping boards
  • scissors
  • colander
  • matches
  • cool box – ice packs
  • some basic food – coffee, tins, packs, chocolate, crisps, teabags, salt, pepper, olive oil
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • measuring jug
  • washing up liquid
  • big bottle of water
  • tea towels
  • pan scourer
  • kitchen roll
  • dettol spray
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Camping in Great Langdale


  • sleeping mats
  • sleeping bags
  • pillows
  • teddies, blankets

General Camping Items

  • tent
  • mess tent/canopy
  • ground sheet
  • wind break
  • tent pegs
  • mallet
  • chairs
  • table
  • torches
  • bunting
  • solar powered fairy lights
  • first aid kit, Calpol, Piriton, suncream
  • kite
  • football
  • frisbee
  • guitar
  • playing cards
  • books
  • pens & note books
  • the telescope has been known to sneak in
  • baby carrier


  • many changes of clothing – for warm/cold weather
  • pyjamas
  • sun hats
  • swimming wear
  • rain coats
  • waterproof trousers
  • wellies
  • trainers
  • flip flops

And the extras…

  • toiletries & nappies
  • towels
  • toilet roll
  • pegs
  • washing line

I think I’ve got it covered, unless of course you can think of anything I’ve missed!

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