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Window Cleaning Kit

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Everything you need in your window cleaning kit to wash the windows inside and out.

Keeping the windows clean, shiny and streak free is easy if you’ve got all the right window cleaning equipment.

We’ll run you through all the window cleaning essentials you’ll need to wash the windows inside and outside and keep them looking great.

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shiny clean window with three silver pots on the windowsill filled with purple and white pansies. window cleaning kit

Window Cleaning Kit For Cleaning Indoor Windows

To keep the windows clean inside the house I use two main methods.

  1. A window cleaning spray for removing finger prints and smears as and when I see them.
  2. A window cleaning kit for doing a monthly window clean of the glass and window frames.

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Window Cleaning Spray

When it comes to quickly wiping off smears and fingerprints from windows I tend to use my homemade window cleaning spray.

Alternatively I buy a eco-brand of window cleaner which is simple to use and smells lovely.

How To Make Your Own Window Cleaning Spray

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Drop washing up liquid
  • Clean spray bottle

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Window Cleaning Sprays We Recommend

  • Method Glass Cleaner (this one is our FAVE)
  • Ecover Window and Glass Cleaner
  • Kinn Eco Friendly Glass Cleaner

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Indoor Window Cleaning Kit

Window Cleaning Kit Essentials for washing your indoor windows.

I prefer to wash my windows by hand, the old fashioned way. I think this gets them cleanest and looking the best they can.

You’ll only need a handful of window cleaning essentials to do your windows the old school way.

  • Bucket
  • Paper kitchen roll
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar

Window Vac For Cleaning Indoor Windows

If you prefer to use a window vac for cleaning your windows then we recommend these!

  • Karcher Window Vac
  • BEAUTURAL Window Vacuum Cleaner

Window Cleaning Kit For Cleaning Windows Outside

All the essential window washing kit to keep those outside windows shiny and clean.

When it comes to washing the windows outdoors you’ll need some different window washing kit.

Window cleaning tools that can cope with outdoor dirt and the fact that windows are usually higher from the ground and more difficult to reach.

When it comes to cleaning the outdoor windows I use a telescopic window cleaner set with extendable window cleaning pole. So that I can reach all those difficult places.

Telescopic Window Cleaner

You just can’t beat a window cleaning pole for outdoor windows.

You can either use a manual telescopic window cleaner like the Sundry Telescopic Window Cleaner – this is great for cleaning the conservatory windows.

It’s not too heavy and it’s easy to manoeuvre.

Or you may prefer a hose fed – water feed telescopic pole which you can attach to the hose pipe to really give those windows a thorough clean.

The benefit of this method of cleaning windows is obviously there’s no need to climb a ladder so you’re much safer.

The hose fed window cleaning pole sets usually come with a window cleaning brush which makes it even easier to clean the high up windows.

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