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Speed Clean The House In 20 Minutes

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Here’s how to speed clean the house in just 20 minutes! Because sometimes you’ve only got time to do a really quick clean!

Keeping on top of the housework is tough, I get it, I really do. Life with kids is hectic and some days are just so busy that the house gets totally messed up.

And so, here’s our BEST cleaning tips for doing a quick clean and tidy up in your home.

This is how to clean up in just 20 minutes, for those times when the house is a mess and friends are on the way over. Or when you just need things to be clean and tidy FAST so you can sit and chill out!  

The key to fast cleaning is to keep your focus on the areas you can see and worry about the rest another time…

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Equipment Needed To Speed Clean The House

Okay, first up, the best way to do a quick clean is to grab all the cleaning equipment and supplies below and line them up on the kitchen counter. So that they’re ready to grab and go as you need them.

  • laundry basket – or large box/bag to collect clutter as you go
  • vacuum
  • toilet cleaner
  • cleaning cloth
  • polish or multi surface cleaner
  • duster

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How To Speed Clean The House – Essential Cleaning Chores!

Step One – open the window and air the house

  • First open all the windows wide, turn the music up loud and get some energy flowing – you’ll move quicker, feel happier and the house will smell fresher and cleaner instantly.

Step Two – do a quick tidy and declutter

  • Get the laundry basket, run around the hall, living rooms and kitchen and clear any clutter from the surfaces into the basket. Put the basket of clutter into one of the bedrooms to deal with another time.

Step Three – speed clean and do a quick clean in the living room

  • Living room – plump cushions, neaten throws, ditch any rubbish, wipe dust off TV screen.

Step Four – speed clean the kitchen

  • Kitchen – stack any dirty pots in the dishwasher or in a bowl of hot soapy water in the sink.

Step Five – quick clean the bathroom

  • Bathroom – quickly clean the toilet and sink with antibacterial spray, squirt toilet cleaner down the toilet.
  • Change towels and bathmat for fresh clean ones. If you have an upstairs and downstairs bathroom just clean the downstairs bathroom if that’s the one most likely to be used.

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Extra Clean And Tidy Chores To Do – If Time!

If you have any time leftover after tidying the house then get through as many of the cleaning chores below as you can!

  • Vacuum hall and living room.
  • Vacuum and speed mop the kitchen floor – dampen mop, spray cleaner directly onto the floor and quickly mop, don’t overdo the water.
  • Wash the pots you left soaking in the sink earlier.
  • Dust the living room
  • Close windows.

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