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You are going to just LOVE our collection of delicious, easy chicken thigh recipes UK; including baked chicken thighs, easy slow cooker chicken thigh recipes and super tasty recipes for boneless chicken thighs.

Wondering how to cook chicken thighs? Then we’ve got you covered! Family favourite meal ideas like baked Mexican chicken thighs, tasty chicken traybakes along with delicious salad and summer dinner ideas.

Chicken thighs, skinless chicken thighs, boneless chicken thighs and chicken thigh fillets are available in the supermarket at budget prices and you can easily turn them into a great family meals that everyone will really enjoy.

10 Healthy Chicken Recipes For Summer

Ten delicious healthy chicken recipes that are perfect for summer. Fresh, tasty and bursting with flavour – really easy meal ideas for busy families. 10 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Summer Kids always seem to love chicken for dinner and we’ve got 10 healthy dinner ideas with chicken that are just great for easy summer dinner. …

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Healthy Oven Baked Cajun Chicken Thighs

Healthy oven baked Cajun chicken thighs are super simple to make and really versatile. Serve with rice, chips or creamy mash for an easy midweek dinner. Our easy chicken thigh recipe is so simple. You can whack this in the oven whilst you’re helping the kids with their homework. It’s a delicious, versatile chicken dish …

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